Stop the War

My dearest colleagues-puppeteers, today at 5:50 in the morning I woke up because of war. Ukrainian cities under Russian fire. Children, women, men… We kindly ask for help and support. Ukrainian people need it. We need action and protecting. Protect us from Putin monster. Really action… to stop this chaos… My letter is very short because in any second I should run to old basement to hide from the fire by Russian planes and fighters. Putin’s bombs and rakety over our heads. We are home, our peace home. Dangerous neighbor came in our home with arms and heavy weapon. To our children, to our parents home. Please share this information among all you.

Please save Ukraine.
Pray for Ukraine.
Puppet connecting people, my dear friends-puppeteers.
We need to make art not war.
With warmest wishes from Ukraine, 

Daria Ivanova
UNIMA Ucraina

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